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Mirai: Compositing & Post-Processing

Advanced Matting and Compositing

Now, you no longer need to export images to the file system for manipulation in another package. Mirai’s highly accurate matting tools, image operations and non-linear editing interface give you the ability to composite images in a single pass, on a sub-frame basis. With the channel editing interface, you can layer channels to control any 2D operation. Since you can render to the paint canvas, images may be read in and used as backplates for complex compositing operations. Operations for matte manipulation, filtering, batch scaling and cropping are easily accessed­each layer of the process can be easily activated and deactivated. What’s more, multiple renders can coexist in a single script. Simply nest them in a container and you can render multiple shots in a single pass.

Integrated Post-Processing

All paint operations are fully animatable through the animation editor. From distortion maps to recoloring, you can incorporate any ink, recolor or filter operation into your rendering sequence to create a wide array of effects. And, you’re not limited to pre-canned effects, the tools are there to easily build custom operations.