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Mirai: Modeling

With amazing subdivision surface modeling and smoothing algorithms, Geometry lets you work like a sculptor, modeling a "rough" version of an object so there's less data to manipulate. Perform skeletal skinning, uv creation, texture mapping, and vertex displacement animation on a low-resolution model then smooth the model and have all those properties propagated to a smooth version, instantly. You never need to manipulate a high-resolution mesh.

An Unmatched Range of Modeling Tools

By giving you more tools to sculpt with, Mirai improves your sculpting. Standard extrude, move, inset and bevel operations are just the beginning. A whole host of more advanced tools are available, many with specialized features for real-time model creation. Operations are available for all elements of the mesh-face, vertex, edge, body and object. Free from illegal elements like dual vertices and double edges, models are contiguous meshes-optimal for real-time engines, texture ,placement and displacement animation.

Options for Creating Shapes

Mirai's advanced magnet operations make it easier to create organic shapes. Apply an operation to an element or group of elements while specifying an area of falloff on the body. Or, use standard polygonal modeling techniques to create organic or hard-edged objects. What's more, complex manipulations are easily controlled by a combination of hot keys. Once you've mastered a few simple combinations they can be applied to almost any operation. No model is too complex or too simple. Whether it's an environment, vehicle, character or prop, Geometry makes creating compelling content far less time consuming.

Create Fully-functional Digital Puppets

Save displacements on skins, then associate those displacements with bone rotations. This lets you, for example, define custom muscle behaviors and create facial expressions which use the skeleton as a puppet. And, you can do it without having to enlist a team of technical directors.

Expanded Texturing Capabilities

Texturing options include the standard planar, cylindrical, spherical and parametric mappers. All have the ability to create uv mapping on command. Because Mirai lets you easily displace meshes into the most desirable shape for uv creation, you can create uv coordinates that are highly efficient and clean.

In addition, Mirai incorporates special plug-ins which provide optimization for real time engines and quick texture assignment. For example, the Map-Per-Face plug-in makes it possible to assign distinct, tiling texture maps to individual faces. These maps can be scaled, rotated and mirrored to quickly texture environments. Snap Map provides an easy way to display an image behind a model and instantly "snap" the texture onto selected faces-perfect for real-time character mapping. You can even map half of a model and mirror the topology and uvs, cutting the amount of texture required to create a compelling model in half.