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Mirai: Paint

The most flexible integrated 2D/3D paint system available: Mirai not only provides a multi-resolution 2D paint system and fast, accurate and interactive 3D paint, it integrates them for unprecedented flexibility. Now, you can have multiple windows open to work on multiple objects simultaneously. Paint in 2D and 3D, model in a geometry editor, and edit uvs all at the same time≠and switch back and forth at will. Whatever changes you make in one window instantly updates in the others. Thatís a level of integration no other system can match.

UV Editing, a modeling window, a 2D image and a 3D Paint window are an example of how Mirai's seamlessly integrated editors provide artists with a truly non-linear approach to content creation.

Familiar tools in both 2D and 3D paint modes: You can use any filter, ink or recolor operation with any brush or shape tool. Mirai 3D Paint makes it easy to paint across texture boundaries accurately. In addition, painters can operate on diffuse, bump, specular, or opacity maps independently. Mirai Paint also integrates uv editing and color reduction tools for a complete image editing solution.