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Mirai: Rendering

Miraiís z-buffer and selective raytrace renderer is shader-based and provides support for Lambert, Phong, Cook, Blinn, volume and particle rendering with unlimited layers for any attribute and support for multiple blending modes between layers. And Mirai supports standard lighting options including ambient, point, infinite and spot lights. You can layer lighting parameters including shadow images and colors.

Unlimited Layers of Texture Information

Miraiís materials editor makes it easy to create and assign textures. Combine diffuse, bump, opacity, specularity, reflection and refraction to create complex material attributes. You can also define multiple uv layers on a single mesh and control ST offset and scaling. By combining multiple layers of texture with multiple uv coordinates, now you can achieve a higher degree of complexity for greater photorealism.

Supports Multiple Rendering Domains

Mirai doesnít limit you to its own rendering system≠you can create and edit materials in outside domains and preserve those definitions within Mirai. Mirai 1.0 currently supports OpenGL and Mirai Render domains through the attributes editor. But with its open architecture, your developers can extend Mirai to incorporate proprietary attribute domains for specific projects.