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Nendo 1.5
Tech Specs


Nendo is a 3D modeling and 3D painting package is easy to learn and fun to use.

  • Learn and teach the basic concepts of 3D modeling...great for kids and first timers!
  • Quickly work out 3D "rough" models with a small, light application.
  • Tweak existing models and save them in a variety of formats.
  • Build high-quality, low-polygon models for a wide variety of uses.

With Nendo, you can create detailed 3D objects for use in model libraries, games, print material, web sites, visual simulation, or architectural applications. The modeling and 3D paint tools are designed to be simple and intuitive to use.

Model in a "digital clay" environment, always working within an interface based on traditional sculpting. Use a variety of powerful modeling functions such as extrude, scale, rotate, connect, bevel, inset, mirror, and smooth to create organic as well as hard-edged objects with ease. A smart workflow incorporates context-sensitive menus that help guide users to the relevant operations for any selected element, making Nendo simple to learn, and allowing you to model quickly.

With the click of a button, paint in an interactive 3D environment choosing tools from a handy paint toolbox. Set brush color, size, opacity, and softness, then paint away!

When you're done, save your work in Nendo's native format, or export your creation to a variety of file formats for use in other applications.