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New in
Nendo 1.5
Tech Specs

Nendo: Modeling

Nendo lets you create geometry with amazing speed and efficiency. The simple, clutter-free interface establishes a rapid, efficient workflow that makes things straightforward. Whether you're learning 3D, sculpting a character, building a tank, or just having fun, this modeler lets you focus on your art rather than on a complicated interface.

The Interface

  • Context sensitive pop-up menus eliminate "icon clutter"
  • Clear, easy to understand icons.
  • Icons for vertex, edge, face, body or free modes let you select the type of elements you want to work with.
  • Each element edit mode has its own "context sensitive" menu.
  • "Quick Color" for choosing color with one click.

The Menus


Add new primitive objects or import/export in a variety of file formats. Save your work when you're done, or quit the application.


Undo and redo last operation, and delete objects from within this menu.


Customize the viewing space. Control the camera, set shading & lighting parameters, and toggle display of the ground plane or global axes.


Select different parts of the model to work with. Grow and shrink selections, select neighboring element types (e.g., all the vertices on a face) or select all elements (vertices, edges, faces) at once.


Toggle display of Object Info and Color Picker floating windows.

The Object Info window lets you toggle visibility and sensitivity for the object, and define its texture size.

The Color Picker lets you choose colors to assign to faces, edges, points, or an entire model.


On-line help and tutorials with links to live in-application scripted demonstrations of key features. All new tutorials are included with Nendo 1.5, and online help is available with a press of F1. Learn to model specific objects by watching step-by-step animations or get detailed assistance on Nendo features.