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Nendo 1.5
Tech Specs

Nendo: Painting

One of the most common complaints about 3D paint systems was the lack of speed on many platforms.

We decided that a paint system should first and foremost have exceptional speed, so we went to great lengths to deliver a system that provides excellent performance, superior tools, and an intuitive and comfortable interface.

The Interface

The interface for Nendo's paint system is just as easy to use as our modeler. That's because we took a standard 2D painting approach.

Users of applications like Adobe Photoshop™, MetaCreations Painter™, and Painter 3D™ will feel at home with a familiar, easy to use interface. Icons are clear and easy to understand. And just as in Model, a right mouse click brings up all the parameters for each and every painting tool, eliminating the need for multiple floating palettes and menus.

  • Camera rotation via the middle mouse (same as model).
  • Complete artist's toolbox.
  • "Floater" free interface for reduced clutter on the desktop.
  • Quick color picker
  • Return to Model button at the top of the screen brings the user back to model quickly.

The Menus

  • File menu for quick saving of Nendo files. You can also Revert the model and canvas to the last saved version.
  • Edit menu for canvas operations like undo, redo and fill canvas.
  • View menu for selecting viewing parameters.
  • Select menu for masking: turn your current face selection into a mask or modify an exisiting selection.
  • Windows menu to toggle object visiblity through the Object Info dialog.
  • Help menu leads the user to full online help

Paint Pop-Up

The Paint Pop-Up menu appears when you right click the mouse over the window. You control brush parameters with this menu.

The Color Picker

Situated directly above or below the 3D canvas (a user preference), the color picker allows artists to grab color quickly, without the hassle of entering specific numerical values or dragging sliders. The Eyedropper tool can select color from anywhere on the screen, and, of course, the artist may also choose to double click on the color chip in the toolbox to select colors from the Color Palette.

The Color Palette

The Color Palette lets an artist select color from standard RGB or HSV color spaces. Once a color is specified,the color is placed into the default current color for later use.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox is a grouping of 20 easy to use painting tools that are completely configurable to the artists needs and workflow. Each tool maintains its own profile so that size, opacity, and softness can be different for each tool.