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Izware Purchases Mirai from NGC Corporation

August 2004 - Just before Siggraph 2004, Izware LLC made its final payment to NGC Corporation (Tokyo) for purchase of the rights to Mirai, Nendo, and Game Exchange. While Izware, formed by several of the original developers of the software, had been the exclusive maintainer and distributor of these products for the past several years, this role had limited the kinds of things it could do with the software. This purchase, the fulfillment of Izware's original agreement with NGC, achieves our long standing goal of complete ownership of the rights to Mirai, Nendo, and Game Exchange. By purchasing the rights, we can now ensure that we will have sufficient flexibilty to develop, restructure, and reposition the products in the future.

Mirai, Nendo and Game Exchange were developed by Nichimen Graphics (Los Angeles), building upon code originally developed by and purchased from Symbolics, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) in 1992. They were acquired by NGC in 2001.